What would you do if...

Your accounting files were locked or stolen?
You couldn’t produce an invoice or receive payment?
Your client records were locked or stolen?
Your online store or website has hacked?

TBIB are experts at Cyber Insurance and we support our clients with access to the best IT management, security and recovery services available.

Did you know that since 2017...

92% increase in Malware
54% increase in mobile malware
46% increase in new ransomware
Australia has the second highest proportion of malicious email-borne links in 2017

We can insure you for a range of important
risks and serices including

24/7 Cyber Breach Support
Ransomware and crypto-lock
Regulatory fines, penalties and defence costs
Denial of service and website hacking
Payment card skimmers
Costs and revenue replacement if external supplier suffers a Cyber Event
IT professional repair or rectification costs

…from as little as $600 a year.

Contact us on 07 3252 5254, cyber@tbib.com.au or simply
complete the form above.

Now it’s mandatory to report a data breach to the Privacy Commissioner (NDB Scheme*) – the risks involved in a cyber-attack just got a lot more serious.

*Applies to companies with turnover greater than $3M.

We’ll review your risks and present a solution tailor made for your business and budget

We’ll use policy wording and provide full claims support too

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